osprey building performance

At Osprey Building Performance we know and understand that each home or building requires personal attention to its own unique properties and circumstances. 
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Manual J & D Load Calculations determine if the HVAC equipment is properly sized. This ensures the efficiency, comfort, and air quality of the house. 

Infrared imaging creates pictures showing the temperatures of surfaces. It is used in diagnosing temperature problems in the building’s energy performance.

​​The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard and nationally recognized system used for measuring and calculating the energy performance of a home.

Leakage from ducts could be accounting for up to 20% of the energy losses in your home.  Duct leakage tests can determine the amount of leakage and possibly where the leaks might be occurring.

CST testing ensures open combustion appliances are not causing unhealthy or hazardous conditions in a home or building.

An air balance, whether commercial or residential, is a process for measuring the performance of an HVAC system that provides the occupants a comfortably conditioned space.