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Home Performance

Building Diagnostics

Infrared imaging can often be used to detect the extent and location of water leakage in roofs, deterioration in electrical wiring or other problems in buildings that involve warming or cooling of building components.

Industrial Diagnostics

While Osprey Building Performance specialists use infrared imaging regularly for home energy performance diagnostics, they also can help in industrial process diagnostics.

For example:

  • The images can reveal degradation in machinery so that maintenance can be provided before the equipment fails.
  • Measurements can be made of temperature variation in controlled temperature processes.

Infrared imaging creates pictures showing the temperatures of surfaces.  It is used in diagnosing temperature problems in the building’s energy performance.

Infrared Diagnostics

The benefit in using infrared diagnostics in a home energy performance is in the ability to detect energy leaks. These leaks result in areas of surfaces being colder or warmer than the surrounding surfaces which typically indicates heat leakage paths within a wall, around a window, through a light fixture, or other places.  It can also detect moisture in drywall because the temperature in a moist area will usually be different from the surrounding area even before the moisture is sufficient to be visible as a stain.​​