​In order to optimize a building’s efficiency, HVAC systems need to be correctly balanced.

Osprey Building Performance Air Balance insures all components of the HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) system are working at their optimum performance and providing occupant comfort. 

Readings are taken by an Osprey Building Performance specialist at the supply registers and return grills.  Slowly the dampers are closed in an effort to meet the air flow volume requirements specified in the Manual J & D design plan.  The specialist balances the system by taking readings and making adjustments at each register and grill in order to meet the system performance requirements.

Once the system is balanced, the specialist locks down the dampers, so that the damper settings will not change.  The system can be thrown out of balance by such things as duct cleaning, dirty filters, the occupants changing the register setting, remodeling, and reconfiguring registers and ducting.

​The team at Osprey Building Performance works closely with HVAC contractors, builders and trades to ensure project schedules are met.

Osprey Building Performance technicians are certified in residential and commercial testing and balancing by the National Comfort Institute.

An air balance, whether commercial or residential, is a process for measuring the performance of an HVAC system that provides the occupants a comfortably conditioned space.

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Air Balancing